Modular panels for three-phase refrigerators


Universal modular controllers for 3-phase cold rooms ECB-2030 and ECB-2030W

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Technical data and specifications of ECB-2030 and ECB-2030W

Parameters ... ECB-1000Plus
Digital displays ... 3 3 Showing - temperature in the chamber; current consumed; real time
Number and type of thermoprobes ... 2 2 NTC 10 КΩ
Types of digital inputs ... Pressure switch, Protection, Gate
Compressor control contactor ... Three-phase max 21A
Contactor for evaporator fans ... YES YES Three-phase max 5A
Contactor Air-cooler heaters ... YES YES Three-phase max 21A
Relay for control of lamps in the chamber ... YES YES Max 5A
Working temperature range ... -40°C~+85°C
Display resolution ... YES YES 0.1°C
Defrost frequency ... YES YES Up to 8 cycles per day
Defrost cycle final temperature ... -40°C~+50°C
Temperature calibration ... YES YES -10°C~+10°C
Compressor start delay ... 0~10 minutes
Built-in RS485 ... YES YES
Compatible with NASSR ... YES YES
Compressor heater control ... YES YES
Fan control during defrost ... YES YES
Built-in full 3-phase compressor protection ... YES YES
Built-in protection against overloading ... YES YES
Built-in alarm buzzer ... YES YES

A new generation of adjustable electronic current protection of the compressor from overload is built into the dashboard. The operating current of the compressor current is continuously measured with current transformers and in case of overload the electronics switches off the compressor contactor. The dashboard has a built-in clock, allowing setting up to 8 different programs for work during working and non-working hours, starting up to 8 self-defrosts at a precisely specified time, recording HACCP alarms, etc.