Тhermostats for heat-pumps and A/C


Programmable electronic thermostat for control of heat-pumps

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Technical data of a programmable thermostat for controlling heat pumps

Description ...
Modes ... Cooling / Heating / Off
Fan control ... ON - always on / Auto - automatic
Weekly programming ... 5 + 2 days
Number of programs during the day ... 4 different programs
Power supply ... 24 V AC (18-30 V AC)
Battery power ... 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
Set temperature range ... 7°С ... 35°С
Thermostat dimensions ... 118 х 88 х 30 мм
Control of a valve for Cooling/Heating ... 4-way valve or zone valve
Additional modes ... Quick heating / Quick cooling mode

Warning! Тhe thermostat can be powered via a 24VAC transformer, or it can be connected to a 24VAC output of the heat-pump. It can also be powered by 2 pcs AA alkaline batteries. It cannot be connected directly to the 220VAC power supply!