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Refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors


We offer compressors for domestic refrigerators for refrigerants R134a and R600a manufactured by ACC Compressors, Huayi Compressors and FCI Compressors, commercial refrigeration compressors for display cases, small cold rooms, bulk milk cooling tanks, ice-generators, beverage coolers and other refrigeration equipment for R134a, R404a/R507 and R290 manufactured by Cubigel Compressors, large-capacity refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors for R407C, R404a/R507, R134a and R22 manufactured by Copeland Compressors, Invotech Compressors and LEEK Compressors, rotary air-conditioning compressors for R407C, R410a and R22 manufactured by Daikin, Lanhai and Toshiba and semi-hermetic compressors manufactured by Frascold (Italy).





Our company is an exclusive representative of Cubigel Compressors.


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