Condensing units with semi-hermetic scroll compressors Copeland FUSION


Condensing units with semi-hermetic scroll compressors Copeland FUSION

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This series of high-efficiency condensing units is equipped with the newest semi-hermetic scroll compressors Copeland FUSION. The use of these compressors ensures high efficiency at low temperatures, exceptional dependability, practically no vibrations and low noise levels. The built-in CoreSenseTM technology monitors the compressor and protects it against breakdowns in most emergency situations. The built-in system for vapor injection into the head of the compressor increases the unit's working temperature range, without requiring the use of a head-cooling fan.


Technical data and specifications of condensing units Copeland FUSION

Description ... QF115AE/CD63 QF175AE/CD88
Compressor ... QF115AE QF175AE
Capacity ... 7.5 hp 10 hp
Condenser ... CD63 CD88
Fans ... 2 x 400 mm 4 x 350 mm
Refrigerating capacity Te= -7°C ... 14 800 W 22 800 W
Refrigerating capacity Te= -12°C ... 12 500 W 19 200 W
Refrigerating capacity Te= -25°C ... 8 200 W 11 100 W
Refrigerating capacity Te= -32°C ... 6 100 W 8 100 W
Liquid line ... 25 mm 25 mm
Suction line ... 28 mm 28 mm
Dimensions ... 120x100x85 cm 120x100x125 cm