Cold room control panels IDPanel


Universal 3-phase cold room control panels Eliwell IDPanel 978

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The control board is equipped with an electronic thermostat IDPlus 978 by Eliwell, contactors, relays, main fuse and thermal protection by Schneider Electric, main circuit breaker by ABB and components from other renowned European manufacturers.


Technical parameters of Eliwell IDPanel 978 cold room control panels

Parameters ... IDPanel 978 3.7-5.5A IDPanel 978 5.5-6A
Number of temperature probes ... up to 3 up to 3
Function of temperature probes ... programmable programmable
Types of temperature probes ... NTC, PTC, Pt1000 NTC, PTC, Pt1000
Temperature range ... -55...150°C -55...150°C
Number of digital inputs ... 2 2
Types of digital inputs ... programmable programmable
Main breaker ... 25A 25A
Panel main fuse ... 3 х 25А 3 х 25А
Power supply ... 380-400V/50-60Hz 380-400V/50-60Hz
Rated peak withstand current ... 15A 19A
Rated panel current ... 5.5А per phase 6.0А per phase
Rated contactor current ... 12A 12A
Motor protection range ... 3.7-5.5A 5.5-6A
Compressor ... 2-3 hp 3-4 hp
Fans ... 10(6)A 250Vac 10(6)A 250Vac
Defrost heaters ... max800W per phase 2400W 3phase max 800 W per phase 2,400W 3-phase
Lights ... 8(4)A 250Vac 8(4)A 250Vac
TTL or RS485 digital output ... TTL, RS485 TTL, RS485
Built-in alarm buzzer ... Yes Yes
Programs for energy efficiency ... Yes Yes
Programmable relay for alarm control ... Yes Yes