System control and protection


We offer a wide selection of system controls and protection components for refrigeration and air-conditioning – solenoid valves Castel, Danfoss, Parker and SV with solder and threaded connections, 4-way solenoid valves for domestic air-conditioners and commercial installations up to 600 kW, a wide range of thermostatic-expansion valves Parker, Danfoss and Sporlan – universal with an exchangeable orifice for R22, R134a, R404a/R507 and R407C and capacities up to 15 kW as well as powerful commercial TEV's for R404a/R507 with capacities exceeding 15 kW, adjustable pressure controls Ranco, miniature pressure controls, differential oil pressure controls, Lae Electronic controllers for the control of multi-compressor stations, adjustable relays for defrosting of cold rooms, relays for the protection of 3-phase and monophase compressors agaisnt problems in the supply power, and more. Our company is an exclusive representative for Bulgaria for most of the manufacturers whose automation components we offer.






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