Thermostats and controllers


We offer a wide selection of electronic and capillary thermostats and data loggers for refrigerated display cases and refrigeration and air-conditioning cold rooms, manufactured by Lae Electronic – Italy, Eliwell – Italy and Ako Electromecanica – Spain. We offer electronic controllers of the following general types:

-  positive-temperature electronic thermostats which control the temperature and execute defrosting by stopping the compressor for a given period of time. These types of thermostats are with one temperature probe and one or two relays.

-  negative-temperature electronic thermostats which control the temperature and execute defrosting via electric heaters or by hot gases (reversing the refrigeration system). These thermostats are with two or three temperature probes and two, three or more relays.

-  universal electronic thermostats for controlling cooling or heating. These thermostats may have an embedded defrost control.

- autonomous data loggers for monitoring up to 10 cold rooms according to HACCP. Some models also allow for the monitoring of humidity and/or pressure.

- electronic components for assembling computer monitoring systems. With these components, one may set up systems for passive monitoring and systems for control and monitoring of an unlimited number of units, as well as remote control and monitoring from one central office of entire supermarkets anywhere in the world.

-   specialized electronics for the control of multi-compressor stations (they are in the menu <System control and protection>).

Our company is an exclusive representative for Bulgaria for the three companies whose electronics we offer.




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