Electronic thermostats Lae Electronic


Electronic thermostats Lae Electronic (Italy) for low-temperature display-cases and cold rooms

Model ... Manufacturer Characteristics input thermoprobes input contact Relay TTL/RS485 output Alarm Export price
compr. aux. fan heater
BR1-27 ... Lae Electronic DIN rail, HACCP, RTC with battery 2 (3) 16 А 7 A 16 A 7 A RS485 7 А *

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BR1-27 is a multifunctional controller for DIN rail installation. Can work with 1 kΩ PTC probes, too. It has 5 relays, works with 2 or 3 NTC temperature probes and has two contact inputs. It features HACCP compatibility, energy economy and an RS485 connection. It is especially suitable for installing in cold room control panels. Probes for BR1-27 are sold separately.