Flush kit for pressurized flushing


Economical flush kit for pressurized flushing out of air-conditioning and refrigerating systems

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The kit is used for internal flushing out of contaminants, moisture, acids from compressor burnout and residual oils when repairing automobile air-conditioners, splitsystem A/C's, refrigeration systems, evaporators and condensers. It may also be used to remove unpleasant odoours from automobile air-conditioners, by removing from the evaporator accumulated dust, mould, pollen, nicotine accumulations and other contaminants.
It works with all approved commercial solvents for flushing out refrigerating and airconditioning systems, which can be combined with pressurized air, such as methylene chloride (dichloromethane).
The canister is charged with the flushing solvent, then it is connected to an air compressor and with the aid of the pressure-gun the solvent is sprayed under pressure into the system, cleaning out the accumulated contaminants and residual oils.